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Our circle extends learning beyond the four walls of the classroom. We accomplish this by providing the girls opportunities to interact with professional women who are making impacts in the communities that they serve. We also do this through guest speakers, book discussions, community service, and learning opportunities offered throughout our community. 


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Committed to the Cause



"I like the Lemonade Circle because it's fun to be with my friends while helping and doing good things for the community. The Lemonade Circle helps me stay on track and helps remind me that I need to work hard in order to achieve my goals. Undoubtedly, I am on the right path to success with the great things and life lessons that I've learned since the birth of this group. I enjoy making a difference with my friends, and we have a great mentor Mrs. Brandi Coleman for the Lemonade Circle!"


"I like the Lemonade Circle because it helps me to interact with my peers & young black ladies who are just like me. For instance, it helps me understand that I am growing up and I will need something like the Lemonade Circle to help me and other peers to improve things like being a young lady or just basic subjects like having manners. Although, at times I can be a little lazy or act as if I don't want to participate the Lemonade Circle has help me understand that I need to speak up for whatever is on my mind especially as a black young woman growing up in this society. In conclusion, the Lemonade circle has shown me light and given me a path as well as an understanding of what it is I believe I want to do and helped me open my eyes to the world."


"I like being in the Lemonade Circle because it helped me find out about my passion for helping others. I learned that I liked volunteering more than I thought I did, and it makes me happy. It also helped me realize that there are so many resources out there that can help me and can get me where I want to go. I also learned that there are so many opportunities in my area."


"I like the Lemonade Club because it really has potential to help the community and also giving back. I love how it shows women unity, and it builds up how we all need to stick together. The activities that we have done are very fun, we're just having a good time. The Lemonade Circle has helped me with not being afraid of the world and just having a voice for myself."

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